Hi, I'm Eli!

As a queer photographer, my photography evolves from an exploration of the visual impact that can be created to evoke emotion through people and light. I strive to amplify the emotion and heightened visual presence of people. I react to what I see the light or subject is doing. I look for corners, windows, and doors work to bend and shape the light. I look for the way people react and the way they are in the moment, absorbing life’s greatest adventures. Every once in awhile I will be in the right place at the right time when a moment of perfect light illuminates someone in front of me. More importantly using emotion and tenderness to explore spaces between race, gender, and cultural identity. 

 I am born and raised in Seattle, WA. My roots come from refugee parents who moved to the U.S from Vietnam.  If you're looking for someone to do your portraits, I'm always ready to talk!

For editorial and commercial inquiries, contact by email.


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